Balance from the ground up

Sol Grounded


A safe space to release 

This space is for those who are on a Quest for self love and are seeking a connection with their inner power. Allow us to help you on your journey as you bridge authentic happiness and healing.


Established in 2015

Sol Grounded is a health and wellness organization offering several holistic options to keep you physically, mentally,  and spiritually grounded. We are committed to sharing the wisdom and power of yoga, to bring greater health and well-being into the lives of each individual. Through yoga, we assist each person in connecting with themselves in order to develop confidence, awareness, self- acceptance,  and clarity. We are here to motivate you as your journey through the practice of yoga begins; keeping in mind having the patience on your journey will result in rewarding improvements in your energy and lifestyle.  


Yoga starts exactly where you are 


2712 Emanuel St. Houston, Tx 77004