Mindful breathing

Bliss and beauty can be found in stillness, and that is exactly what this class aims to do. In the incredibly fast-paced motion of today’s society, there has never been a more crucial time to savor in stillness. This class will teach you how to quiet the mind and be fully present. Appropriate for all levels

flexible Flow

Develop your ability to stay both physically and mentally flexible as you flow through life. Using the breath/body connection, this practice challenges strength and flexibility in addition to one’s ability to stay present and connected. This class builds internal heat, causing you to sweat due to hard work and not the temperature of the room.


A combination of meditation, pranayama (breath work), restorative yoga postures and very gentle movement to calm the mind and body. A perfect mid-morning refresh.

Gentle Yoga (Beginners/All Levels)

An all levels class that approaches the practice of yoga in a softer, more sensitive way. Ideal for those that are new to yoga, students seeking a more accessible practice and regular yoga practitioners that just want to slow it down.

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